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Introductory Candlestick Training

Quick Start Program

A super-quick way for you to learn candlestick basics and BONUS SESSION(how to place your first real trades!): $49


Intermediate Candlestick Training

The Express Class BUNDLE

Express and the Advanced Express class in a bundle:  $295


Advanced Candlestick Training

Comprehensive Mega Package with Nison University

Complete Mega Package that applies to ALL markets and time frames which includes lifetime access to all 4 volumes and Nison University for ongoing education: $789

Comprehensive Options Education with Options University

The complete Candles and Options program which includes lifetime access to all 3 volumes and Options University for ongoing education:  $599

Comprehensive Frontline Forex with FX University

The complete Frontline Forex program which includes lifetime access to all 3 volumes and Forex University for ongoing education:  $599


Special Topics Training

Special Topic Library

*Browse this selection of targeted recorded videos, each approximately 1 hour in length on specific concepts to fast track your trading:  starting at $79 each


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Nison Candlestick Recognition Software

Nison Candle Scanner 

Ability to Scan, Highlight, and Alert in Any Market/Any Time Frame with this flagship software: starting at $249 monthly 

Nison Candle Highlighter

Highlights Candle Patterns in all time frames: starting at $69/month


Interactive Training


Join our team and other like-minded traders from around the globe for daily ongoing guidance and training:  starting at $149/month

Personalized 1 on 1 Coaching

Work 1 on 1 with one of our Nison Certified Trainers to solve your specific trading obstacles:  price varies on program

Kaizen On Demand Apprenticeship

Japanese for “continuous improvement”, use this comprehensive program to achieve big results through small, steady improvements: $695

Small Group Coaching

Small Group Coaching:  Trading Tactics.  Next program begins on September 12, 2023


Live Training Recordings

Live Training Recording Library

*Browse this list of Recorded Live Training sessions that will take you to the next level trading/investing:  starting at $129 each