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2 hours, 24 minutes
Those who want to get started using Candles Correctly

The Quick Start Program includes 2 video components

Component 1: Candlecharts Quick Start: Learn candles from the basic level (1 hour, 16 minute video)

Component 2: Placing Your First Real Trade: Learn how to confidently place your first real trade (1 hour, 8 minute video)


Quick Start Credit:  upon completion of the Quick Start Program, you will receive credit for payment of Quick Start towards your next Candlecharts.com purchase!


Get Started

Candlestick Quick Start Program

  • Instant, lifetime access to online videos
  • Bonus 1: Downloadable, printable charts
  • Bonus 2: Chart Challenges
  • Bonus 3: 100% Credit
  • Bonus 4: Wow Worksheet
  • Just $49 (regularly $199)
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