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1 hour, 21 minutes
Those who want to implement a few quick and simple strategies to improve your success rate and increase your profits

Here are some of the breakthroughs you will discover...

  • How to use Protective Stops to lock in profits and minimize losses
  • Add Time Stops so you don't waste time and resources on a trade that's not working
  • The art and science of setting Price Targets so you'll always know how much profit to expect from a trade
  • My #1 Most Important Trade Management Rule: How to properly use Risk/Reward Analysis to know if a trade is worth pulling the trigger
  • Discover how to use Trends to correctly define the candle patterns on your charts
  • How to go with the Longer-Term Trend for potentially massive results
  • Let the market show you what to do next... the If/Then Principle shows you how to "go with the flow" and improve your chances for success
  • The easy way to keep a Trading Journal... and how to use it to improve your trading day by day and week by week as you continue to build your confidence and success
  • Once you're in a trade, I'll show you exactly how to intelligently manage the trade by adapting to the market — you'll be amazed at what you can achieve when you do this one simple thing

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