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49 minutes
Those who want to see example strategies to be able to apply for themselves to become consistent
Recommended Prerequisites:

Here's What You will Learn

  • Simple ways to match your trade goals with the techniques you use
  • How to identify repeatable patterns to use your strategies over and over again
  • Ways to take advantage of market moves at various entry points – not just the bottom
  • Steps to take profits with smart entry and exits
  • 5 unique strategies to use depending on the mood of the market
  • How to use different trading windows to maximize your results from stock movements
  • Smart ways to use Western Technical tools to manage your profits


Who should register for this training

  • Traders and investors who want to improve their market timing and decrease their risk
  • Smart people who want additional ways to take advantage of any price movement
  • Casual investors who are tired of missing out on important trends and want to capitalize on them, even if they don't catch the bottom of the move


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Strategic Components of a Trade

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