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1 hour, 7 minutes
Those who want to see example strategies to be able to apply for themselves to become consistent
Recommended Prerequisites:

Here's What You will Learn


  • How a doji at new high must be traded differently than other doji
  • How and why a doji must be traded differently in FX
  • How looking at only the real body of a candlestick line can lead to disaster
  • See exactly how Steve called the major lows so you can apply the same strategies to your trading
  • Discover Steve’s favorite way to get a price target
  • The simple rule to apply to determine if a support or resistance area is likely to hold or be broken
  • Discover the Multiplier Principle to skyrocket your trading success
  • Using candlesticks to exit a trade
  • Steve’s #1 most important trading rule
  • Using candlesticks to set protective stops
  • How to position your trade in the direction of the major trend
  • Applying the If/Then Principle to know when – and when not – to put on a trade
  • Chart Challenges to reinforce what you learned


Who should register for this training

  • Traders and investors who want to improve their confidence and success
  • Traders who can identify and use basic candle patterns…and now want additional ways to improve their trading performance
  • Those who want to see the most important lessons I have learned in the past 30 years of trade analysis
  • No matter what markets you trade…no matter what time frame you focus on…this training session will help improve your results and boost your confidence!


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Nison Trading Principles

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