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Beginner up to Advanced
17 hours, 6 min+
People who know nothing
Recommended Prerequisites:

That’s why these Candlestick Secrets for Options training programs are so important to your education. These video training sessions are so comprehensive … so loaded with “ready-to-use” methods, tips, techniques, and ideas … you’ll be ready to trade like a pro. I divulge many of the very same secret trading tactics that I have taught to market makers, institutional traders and professional hedge fund and money managers around the world.

It’s a perfect way for beginners to start, but it’s also well suited for experienced traders who want to make sure they’re using candlesticks correctly to achieve supreme timing entering and exiting option trades in any time frame.

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Candlestick Secrets for Options
Volume 1

$ 199
  • BONUSES: Candlestick Framework Training Video + All Course Handouts + Options Framework Training Video Total Bonus Value: $358
  • Anatomy of the Candle Line
  • Single Candle Line Essentials
  • Engulfing Patterns
  • Rising & Falling Windows
  • Candles to Set Protective Stops
  • Snap and Crack
  • Falling off the Roof
  • Change of Polarity
  • Benefits of Options
  • Review of Options Essentials
  • Implied Volatility
  • Decreased Impact of Implied Volatility
  • In/Out/At the Money: Pros/Cons
  • Time Value Decay
  • Selecting Expirations
  • The Greeks
  • Volatility Skew
  • When to buy Options Outright vs. Spreads
  • Option Strategies for Higher Confidence
  • Option Strategies for Lower Confidence
  • Chart Challenges

Candlestick Secrets for Options
Volume 2

$ 219
  • Candles for Long Calls & Puts
  • Candles for Debit & Credit Spreads
  • Nison Candlestick Confidence Filtering Strategy
  • Candles for Day Trading Options
  • Candles for Portfolio Protection
  • Candle Confirmation Strategies
  • Price Targets
  • Forecasting Length of Move
  • Trading Breakouts
  • Adapting to the Market
  • When to Lock in Profits
  • Letting Profits Ride
  • Legging In and Out of Spreads
  • Protective Stops
  • Time Stops
  • Nison Symmetry Strategy
  • Using Break-even Analysis
  • Determining Best Strike Price
  • Adjusting Open Positions
  • Chart Challenges
  • “Read Steve’s Mind” Exercises
  • Candles & Risk Reversal

Candlestick Secrets for Options
Volume 3

$ 279
  • Candles & Verticals
  • Candles for Iron Condors
  • Candles for Calendars
  • Candles for Diagonals
  • Candles for Weekly Options
  • How a Pro Option Trader Sets Up
Best Value

Candlestick Secrets for Options
Volumes 1, 2 and 3

$ 599
  • Everything from volumes 1-2-3
  • Nison Options Universty for ongoing education
  • BONUS: Candlestick Framework Training Video
  • All Course Handouts
  • Additional Chart Challenges
  • Nison Options Checklist Total Bonus Value: $658
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