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Intermediate to Advanced
19 hours, 57 min +
Those who want our most comprehensive set of education

Candlecharts Mega Package

Get The Most Accurate and Comprehensive Candlestick Training Ever Created...

From Steve Nison, The Father Of Modern Candlesticks


Fascinating New Insights To Expand Your Success

*Truly master candles by understanding the psychology hidden inside each pattern (Learn this and you’ll be head and shoulders above your competition)

*Steer clear of the most common – and dangerous – misuses of candles. (Keep your money safe with these gems)

*Discover two ways to precisely confirm your candle patterns for higher success rates and a huge confidence surge, yet not one in a thousand traders knows how to do this!

*Brand-new “Top-Down” approach to zero in on winning trade candidates with ETFs and sectors

*Shockingly simple “Bottom Up” method using sectors for finding whether or not your stock is as hot as you think

*Momentum traders rejoice! I’ll show you previously unknown methods to use candles to buy on strength and sell on weakness (Perfect for those who are uncomfortable picking tops and bottoms)

*The definitive guide to the exact Western indicators you really should be using with your candle analysis (Don’t be distracted with all those indicators out there… this shortcut puts you right at the head of the class)

*PLUS… The only western technical indicator that you absolutely MUST use with candles

*Easily master one of the most difficult aspects of trading – Entry and Exit points – with these exciting new strategies

*Why I love the ‘Box Range” – and why you will too when I show you this sneaky method to use it profitably

*Establish perfect “harmony” in your trades for greater success rates

*Discover three kinds of stops to protect your profits and preserve your trading capital

*Warning! Did you know that the exact same candle pattern can at times give a signal to enter a trade… and at other times a signal to exit a trade. I’ll show you the simple rule that tells you when to use it for each situation.

Get Started

Foundation of Candles: Volume 1

$ 219
  • Module 1: Framework of Candles
  • Module 2: Single Candle Lines
  • Module 3: Double Candle Patterns
  • Module 4: TRIPLE Candle Patterns
  • Box Range Strategies
  • Windows – One of Steve’s Favorites
  • Candles in Context
  • Common and Dangerous Misuses of Candles

Foundation of Candles: Volume 2

$ 219
  • Module 5 - Essentials of East + West, Part 1
  • Module 6 - Essentials of East + West, Part 2
  • Module 7 - Essentials of East + West, Part 3
  • Module 8 - Trade Management Essentials
  • Candles and indicators such as: Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, Trendlines and more
  • Price Targets, Stops, Risk/Reward ratios
  • If/Then Principle
  • Adapting to the Market

Foundation of Candles: Volumes 3 & 4

$ 595
  • Module 9 - Advanced Doji and Price Confirmation
  • Module 10 - Advanced Single and Blended Candlestick Lines
  • Module 11 - Advanced Bull Double Candlestick Lines
  • Module 12 - Advanced Bear Double Candlestick Lines and Advanced Window
  • Modules 13&14: Advanced East and West parts 1 and 2
  • Module 15: Module 15 - Advanced Trade Management
  • Module 16: Advanced Trading Lab
  • Strict vs Basic Criteria
  • Order of Power of Bullish and Bearish Candles
  • Blending Candles
Best Value

Candlesticks Megapackage Training

$ 789
  • Mega Package includes volumes 1,2,3&4 plus:
  • Bonus 1: Nison Unversity - For Lifetime Ongoing Education
  • Bonus 2: Mega Companion "Crib Sheets" Videos - to ensure you understand the main points
  • Bonus 3: Printable Handouts
  • Bonus 4: Steve's Secret Email Address
  • Bonus 5: Advanced Trading Lab Module
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