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4 hours, 5 minutes
For those that want to keep things simple!
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Introducing a training program designed to help you master the basic skills you need to approach every trading day with confidence and a real success plan

Most traders learn a few strategies and jump in without a plan. Sometimes they get lucky with it. But the luck usually runs out pretty quickly.

That’s why we created this new training event: Keep It Simple And Straightforward (KISS). One of the big lies about trading is that it is complex and difficult to understand. In fact, as I have worked with countless numbers of traders and students over the years, here’s what I have noticed:

The traders who stick to a simple, consistent plan are the ones who are able to consistently reap profits from the market.

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Keep it Simple & Straightforward

$129$ 178
  • Step 1: Learn About The 4 C's of Trading: Candles, Confluence, Confidence, Clues
  • Simple Step 2: Follow The K.I.S.S. Daily Trading Template
  • Perfect for those new to candlesticks… or those who want to stop those profit leaks that happen when you don’t use candlesticks correctly
  • Applies to ALL MARKETS, and all time frames
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