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4 hours, 55 minutes
For those that want to have a trading plan to follow

JOIN US! This Training Is 100% Focused On Helping You Control Your Emotions And Correctly Apply Candlestick Knowledge For More Winning Trades...


Powerful Action Plans to Overcome Emotional Hurdles


Help you stop trading emotionally and give you real-world implementations of all our training and strategies.


The new Pyramid Trading Strategies approach adds a new dimension to everything we teach: Real-World Application.

You will see how to apply Candlesticks, Western Technicals, and Money Management techniques in your everyday trading with confidence and precision. Our brand-new Action Plans will guide you through every action you take so you can stop trading emotionally once and for all!

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Candlesticks Applied

$299 one year
  • Learn step by step how to develop a trading plan to quickly determine exactly where to enter and exit...
  • Discover the ideal time frames for your style of trading
  • Eliminate "analysis paralysis" from your trading
  • Conquer your emotions once and for all!
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