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4 hours, 52 minutes
For those that have at least beginner level of candles knowledge, who want to swing trade successfully
Recommended Prerequisites:

Let Us Show You How To Protect And Grow Your Portfolio...

    • Understanding breakouts and reversals
    • Confirming resistance or support with tools such as Bollinger Bands, moving averages, and more
    • Steve's favorite method of confirming support or resistance
    • Steve favorite way to identify a change of polarity
    • Momentum investing
    • Importance of volume
    • Learn how to identify false breakouts
    • Simple ways to gauge when the market is vulnerable to a selloff or ripe for a rally
    • Using multiple time-frame charts
    • Protecting your trades with options
    • The best dividend stocks for investors
    • Using Nison Candle Scanner to find top bear and bull dividend stocks
    • LEAPS for long-term investing power
    • Using western indicators for long-term investing success
    • Chart Challenges to confirm your knowledge
    • Steve and Syl will walk you through major markets to see what's happening now
    • Get Steve and Syl's checklist of favorite tools and strategies

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Active Portfolio Management

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  • Get instant access in our online training center
  • Discover how to protect and grow your portfolio in today's turbulent markets
  • Prepare yourself for retirement now, and reap the benefits when you need them!
  • Printable charts and handouts of all course training
  • And during this Active Portfolio Management event, you will love how we will cover major markets including the major stock indexes, individual stocks, … INTEREST RATES… MORTGAGE RATES… GOLD… FOREX… CRUDE OIL… and much more.
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