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4 hours, 43 minutes
For those that want to keep things simple!
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Get These Proven Strategies to Overcome The Three Biggest Trading Challenges

  • Challenge #1: When should I enter?
  • Challenge #2: When should I exit?
  • Challenge #3: How can I quickly get a watch list of the best trade opportunities?

How To Permanently Eliminate The Most Common Problems Plaguing Traders At The Root Of These 3 Biggest Trading Challenges

  • PROBLEM: “I can’t find the high probability trades quickly enough, so many times I’ve missed great opportunities”
  • PROBLEM: “I bought on a breakout only to have the market reverse and I took a huge loss”
  • PROBLEM: “I lacked the confidence to act when I thought it was the right time, but then regretted not doing the trade afterwards”
  • PROBLEM: “I get out of winning trades too early”
  • PROBLEM: “I can’t make myself get out of a losing trade”
  • PROBLEM: “It takes me hours to find a specific list of markets to focus on”

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Conquering the 3 Biggest Challenges

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  • The key candle signals I look for
  • Understanding the right way to read shadows
  • Get the two types of confirmation you should look for in every trade
  • Know when to take profits
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