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A Message From Our CEO

What People Say About Nison Candlesticks



Bob C.

I previously joined a number of very expensive training programs and learned some things, but was frustrated with methods that were like driving by looking in the rear view mirror! The methods resulted being late getting in and out resulting in missing half of the reward……..Or worse by getting in where I shouldn’t have! The big difference here is learning from the person who brought to the western world the secrets the Japanese rice traders successfully used for centuries! Steve Nison is THE GURU, of Candle Stick analysis, and a world class writer and educator who has created a team of experts who thrive on sharing their knowledge applicable to all markets. You learn the methods and practices and tools to interpret what the market is telling you in real time and how to trade it. This is like joining a family that in addition to incredible structured training provides daily access for questions and guidance. I only wish I started my trading education here, because you are learning from the best and at a great value!!!! Thank you Steve, Paul and team!!!

Clint B.

Beginner or not, I would highly encourage taking the time to get acquainted with “The Small Group Coaching Program.” It is an awesome program and offers so much valuable information regarding trading ideas and concepts. The case studies are the best for me. I like to see it with my own eyes; it really helps a lot! I say try it. I know you will benefit like I did.

Sanjay S.

Great learning. Every episode and session provides new insights

Gladys M.

Recently I took two Small Group Coaching classes. Both classes were taught by Tim Hornish and Paul Siegel. The first class was a Case Study class which has been very helpful as far as getting me thinking a little differently about what I need to do to get started in trading again. These two people have answered all my questions, for which I am very grateful. Right now I am taking another Small Group Coaching Class called Taking Action. So far it has been an exciting class. I am actually learning from the other students in the class and the case studies are what I feel will get me off the ground to trade again. I had lost most of my confidence in trading but I now believe that I will be able to trade again with education, some practice and learning the platforms. There is a definite learning curve but I can’t say enough good about Tim or Paul because no matter how many questions I or anyone else in the classes have, they are always willing to answer them and they make sure we understand. I am happy that I have done this because now I feel as if I’m on the right path of learning what I need to be a solid trader. Thank You to Steve Nison and all his trainers. And thank you, Paul, for all your patience.

Mary Jane S.

Candlecharts and the Nison Candle Scanner are THE best way to learn about candlestick trading. Period. Not only are we able to learn the art and science of reading Japanese Candlestick charts from the man who brought it to the USA, Steve Nison, but we are continuously supported throughout the process by his highly trained staff. The amount of trading knowledge that is shared is so generous that it’s mind boggling…a library full of resources and small group coaching classes that can assist anyone to get from being an insecure trader to a confident trader one in a reasonable amount of time.

Terrence N.

Steve once said the market never changes but people will always change. This was brain reset for my candle chart pattern, my trading has been easy and may you all congratulate in becoming the first millionaire forex trader in Zimbabwe.

Carl T.

Candlecharts has helped me so much in my trading techniques and skills! I have so much more confidence to make trades on my own! Thanks so much!

Stu M.

Your scanner woke me up to the candle patterns in a real world. It was  eye opening.

Mark K.

NCS saves time for quicker and timelier analysis potentially leading to better trades, fewer losses, and more profitability.  A tool such as this that provides quick and accurate analysis is a trader’s dream

Bernard F.

This software is your Nison candlestick trading coach. This gives the Nison Candlestick trader the ability to feel confident from day one no matter how much candlestick experience you have as a trader. Using the candlestick patterns correctly gives higher trade success.

Jake P.

It’s like trading with Steve Nison right next to you. No second guessing yourself. Forget about the cost of the software, this is a must have for any trader. If you lost money in the market then you seriously need NCS.

Yeonsil Y.

I strongly believe that candlesticks helped a lot for my trading.

Lee Z.

Candles, along with western technicals, tell the tale.

Max R.

You guys are creating the best educational trading site in the net…I love the content, information, and webinars to analyze any market….you are awesome!

Dwayne M.

Saves countless hours of analysis time and makes reacting to the developing patterns much faster… This is a great educational tool and also inspires trading confidence by having the capability of Steve’s insight right on the chart you are studying

Mark K.

I was quickly and easily able to implement all of the features of the NCS software. NCS saves time for quicker and timelier analysis potentially leading to better trades, fewer losses, and more profitability. A tool such as this that provides quick and accurate analysis is a trader’s dream.

Robert T.

“If you are tired of working for your money and you want to learn how to make your money work for you…. Steve is the man!”

Arnold P.

I think Steve is excellent…he’s very professional. He brings a very Socratic give and take approach, something you don’t see with most of the so-called mentors out there. A lot of them are charlatans, and Steve is certainly not one of them. Steve stands above the rest, without a question.

Leslie J.

I think it’s extraordinary. Steve is able to present clear-cut information that is easy to put into trading ideas. There are nuances and little pieces of information that can’t be presented in a book.

Monique M.

Without the training, I probably would have missed the candle signals and not taken my profits. I look forward to making many more successful trades in the future.

James B.

The candles allow accurate, precise, earlier entries than anything else that I am aware of … it is almost like continuously ringing the cash register.

William C.

His techniques and strategies turned my trading around. It’s very simple and deadly accurate.

John Bollinger: creator of Bollinger Bands.

Using candle charts has made me be a more profitable trader.

Jerry M.

Kris C.

The group is amazing. Not only am I learning a lot of strategies to keep in my arsenal. Even more important than that is I feel like I can trade & make mistakes & bring them to the group the next week. I’m in the learning curve & there is no better way to learn than actually taking a look at my trading, finding what I did right & wrong, & having others who have the right information feedback to me.

Peter M.

Being able to ask questions and put up trades for critique is invaluable! I highly recommend this training!

Debi W.

I have enjoyed the perspectives from different long-time traders to provide a wealth of ideas on strategy and trading. I’ve also benefited from the emphasis on risk management, candles in context, keeping a trade journal, etc. Until it becomes “second nature”, I’m in the process of creating a checklist for my trades to remember to look at the various aspects. I especially like that I can go back and listen to the sessions as many times as I want.

Heera S.

Absolutely register at Candlecharts today! This is an ever-evolving skillset and the more guidance and insight from the masters you can get, the better.

Evgenija G.

I would strongly recommend to everyone that they join Candlecharts to gain new ideas and strategies to compliment their trading.

Jim B.

The interaction with the experienced traders at has given me confidence to develop my own trading style and recognize the areas that I need to work on to improve my trading success

Jeannie B.

The content in the videos is excellent and are what I like best. The videos mean I can watch them in my own time and learn at my own pace

Mahendra B.

We learn where to find Golden Nuggets and apply them for potential rewards.

Lee G.

This is the kind of stuff new traders need to see and be involved as soon as possible. Thanks Candle Charts

Tudor P.

I found new strategies very useful and was explained very well, to understand everything.

John M.

What I learned about looking at different time frames provided an ACTIONABLE trading strategy which I implemented and MORE THAN PAID for the investment for the Course .. From swing trading just one option contract on QQQ – P304 – netted a profit of over $200 in about 15 minutes of trading time!

Disclaimer : Testimonials appearing on this website may not be representative of other clients or customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.

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Easy to Understand Training Videos to aide You in Trading/Investing for all markets including:

  • Stocks/ETF's
  • Options
  • Forex
  • Futures
  • Crypto
  • Indices and many others

For Every Skill & Investment Level

  • Students range from ages 13 to 95!
  • From traders with $100 to Wealth Management funds
  • Friendly, easy-to-understand videos to guide you
  • Learn to trade as a hobby, add supplemental income, or even full-time career

Learn From the Gurus of Candlecharts

  • Decades of real-world experience trading & teaching candles & Western technical
  • Industry leaders
  • Instructors have a combined 100 years of experience!

Works In Markets Around The World

  • Candle charts and trading works in all markets globally - find out how
  • Currently have students in 85 countries
  • Candles excel whether you trade intraday, long-term, or anywhere in between
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Learn From The Master:

Steve Nison

Steve Nison, CEO and Founder of was the very first to reveal candlesticks to the Western world, and is the acknowledged Western master of these charts.

    • His three best selling books have been translated in over 20 languages.
    • Over 30 years real world experience with candlesticks and Western technical analysis
    • Advisor to top institutional firms
    • Spoke at the World Bank, Federal Reserve and Universities
    • Highlighted in the Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Euroweek and many other publications
    • Winner Traders' Hall of Fame
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