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Trading Crypto Currency Using Candlestick Chart Patterns One of the great uses of understanding candles is to be able to identify entry and exit points. This can be used in any financial market around the globe as long as there are the 4 data points to create a candle: open/high/low/close. This also applies to any […]

Understanding candlestick charts – and the story and force of a move in a chart is critical to being able to make decisions in your trading and investing. Candlecharts and candlestick chart patterns are valuable tools in being able to look at any chart, in any part of the world, in any time frame, and […]

What’s the Best Investment Strategy During a Stock Split?   How Do Stock Splits Effect The Stock Price? The big question of the day is what to do when you hear your stock is splitting. Should you buy before they actual split or after? By the way, I have splits of 7 shares for each […]

Why Do Candle Charts Patterns work so well? The reason is just one word- psychology. Candle chart patterns let you gauge the psychology of the market at the time the candlestick lines are formed. This gives immediate insight into who is winning the battle between the bulls and the bears. For example, look at the […]

Learn How to Use Candlestick Patterns for Options Trading Candlecharts.com has just launched 4 new options strategies to help you make money in all market conditions – UP, DOWN and Sideways. Try these hands-on options strategies that show you why options are affordable, beneficial, and replicate profits as often as possible. Some strategies pay you to […]

Our Candlestick Chart Training Resources  Here at Candlecharts.com, we work with students from around the world on learning how to read candlestick charts.  There are students in 85 different countries as of our last count that take the time to enhance their chart skills by working with us at each of our 3 different sites.  […]