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What does it take to be a successful trader or investor?  This is a very popular question or thought among anyone who has ever considered getting into trading and/or investing.  The answer to that question would certainly vary depending on who was responding to it!  While there are many characteristics and traits of successful traders […]

Candlesticks provide visual ways to make reading prices easier. Trading with Japanese Candlestick graphs allow for better comprehension of market direction. Candlesticks offer a greater depth of information than traditional bar charts – where the high and low are emphasized. Candlestick graphs instead emphasize the relationship between the closing price and opening price. Many technical […]

For years, traders and students have come to Candlecharts.com for education on how to learn how to read candles in all markets, and all time frames.  This has been a great way to understand the price action of any specific market or index.  Traders of all levels of experience and technical ability have come to […]

The Shooting Star candlestick formation is a single candle reversal formation and a significant bearish reversal candlestick pattern occurring at the top of uptrends.  It is formed when the price is pushed higher and immediately rejected lower so that it leaves behind a long wick to the upside. The Shooting formation has a small real […]

One of the strongest bullish candlestick signals is the bullish engulfing candlestick as a potential bottom reversal signal. This candle is most effective in an oversold area after a substantial downtrend. The bullish engulfing candle consists of two bodies. The first body is black or red denoting a downtrend and ideally is a small black […]

Reading candlestick charts is an effective way to study the emotions of other traders and to interpret price. Candles provide a trader with a picture of human emotions that are used to make buy and sell decisions. You really don’t need anything else on a stock chart but the candlesticks themselves to be a successful […]

As the very first to reveal candlesticks to the Western world in my book, Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques, it’s very flattering to see how quickly and widely Japanese candlesticks have become.  As attested by the many books on candlestick charting, as well as the fact that almost all technical analysis software and online technical analysis sites, […]

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