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Small Group Coaching Program

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  • Participate in an Interactive Small Group to be able to improve Trading Techniques and Success (headset optional)
  • Completely new and unique methods to help you achieve your best in trading and investing
  • Designed to help everyone, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned trader/investor from anywhere in the world!
  • Work on developing YOUR customized strategy
  • First time ever group interactive program designed to develop your trading skillset, strategy development and much more
  • Sessions and recordings plus interactive engagement forum provides great value even if you can not attend live
  • Guest speakers to present Strategies to aide in your personalized strategy creation
  • Strategy template that you can use to create your own personal trading plan
  • 9 Live Sessions + 10th Bonus Session: 9:30am eastern(New York time) (with access to recordings)
  • Topics to include: Support/Resistance, Trade Setup and Identification, Strategy Examples and Development
  • Private Access to Small Group Coaching Facebook Group
  • Session Dates: September 18, 25, October 2,16,23,30, November 13,20, December 4,11

I've learned some strategies that are starting to work, but it's just time to work on and implement. I really enjoy this group and its helping

Paul A.

The group sessions have helped me develop important habits and disciplines that are helping me to become a successful trader. I look forward to participating the sessions and interacting with other traders from all around the world every week. The resources on, the training packages in the Candlecharts Academy and the Candlecharts team offer the best educational training experience available for traders anywhere.

Jim B.

What I liked the best so far:  The Group discussion, sharing of other experiences, learning from other mistakes

Balaji S.

Interactive charts where members can discuss western indicators and technical analysis, strategies they use, comment and give advice to other members on their strategies and style of trading.

Luana A.

The group allows you to see different perspectives on how to interpret charts. The interactive nature of the sessions allows you to share thoughts and opinions and question anything you don't understand.

Nick P.

It was beneficial to talk to Brian directly and I liked the interaction between Brian and members.  I strongly believe that candlesticks helped a lot for my trading.

Yeonsil Y.

I have seen massive difference in my trading and I have learnt a lot from group. Their education and training are great and excellent. Great thanks to Brian and the team for the quality of support they have been given to us which is one of the best. They care. Excellent place to develop and become a great trader. They are current and innovative in the teaching. Once again thank you.