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In Japanese, "hajime" means the beginning. That's why we have given this new training the name Hajime, because it's the ideal program to help you begin trading on the right foot – it's the perfect combination of instruction to help you get started with proven skills and strategies

Recorded Training:
The Candlestick Express Class

Discover the simple and fast way to learn the essentials of candlestick patterns and strategies. Within just a few short hours you will get you up to speed on the essentials of Steve Nison's trademarked Trading Triad System™. This unique approach combines the best of candlesticks, Western technical signals, and using candlesticks to manage your trades. Let Steve give you these powerful techniques to help you prosper in both bear and bull markets. Plus, you can use them in any time frame and in any markets you trade – stocks, commodities, FX, options, and more.  One year of access inside of

1 Month Access to: Mycandlecharts gives you a subscription for ongoing, daily guidance in the markets. With sessions such as Daily Market Recaps, Strategy Sessions, Trade Setup of the Day, Options Outlook, Forex Focus and much more, that will provide front-row access to cutting-edge trading insights, bonus training, and step-by-step assistance to enhance your trading results.

You'll love that is far more than just an online chat group. Check out the amazing collection of tools, training, and lively interaction that will make this your favorite trading spot on the Internet

Recorded Training:
Hajime Session 1,
Getting Ready For Your First Trade

In this helpful session we will go over all the nuts and bolts every new trader needs to have in place to get started. We will show you how to choose a broker... funding your account... deciding which markets to trade based on your schedule... an overview of candlestick basics... chart patterns... western technical indicators to add confidence to your decisions... and more!

Recorded Training:
Hajime Session 2,
Diving Deeper For Ongoing Success

During this session we give you time-tested chart patterns and trade setups you should use as you begin to trade. We will also show you how to confidently enter trades of your preferred markets and identify exit points that will support your trading strategy to help ensure you are successful. This is a deeper dive into chart patterns and trade setups to consider as you start trading. We will also give you the next logical step to achieve consistent success with your trading.

Candlesticks give you a massive advantage over other traders

  • Candlesticks work in EVERY country
  • Candlesticks work with ALL types of instruments
  • Candlesticks are found on EVERY trading platform
  • Candlesticks will work for YOU

Your Instructors Guide You Every Step of the Way

Syl Desaulniers


Syl has been an independent trader and technical analyst for many years and was a former student of

Syl uses his trading experience to teach traders and investors the proper use of Nison’s candlesticks, Western technical analysis and Trade Management.

As a Nison Certified Trainer Syl has the proven expertise and skills to provide quality education and support to ensure the best experience with products and services.

Brian Houston


Brian has been trading stocks for 37 years, and has devoted much of his trading career to options strategies.

During that time, he has used Steve Nison's candlestick patterns to continually improve his knowledge and skills.

Recently, Brian has has also added Elliott Wave theory to his set of trading tools.

You Will Master These Important Skills

This Innovative Video Training Program Gives You...

New To Charts Video Training
(value: $99)

The Candlestick Express Course
(value: $295)

Hajime Session 1: Getting Ready For Your First Trade
(value: $199)

Hajime Session 2: Diving Deeper For Ongoing Success
(value: $199)

1 Month Access to Mycandlecharts
(value: $149)

Ongoing Email Support

Total Program Value: $941

Your Registration: Just $299

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Due to the intensive amount of time spent by our team to deliver this training, no refunds will be given for this Hajime Apprenticeship program.