Learn Candlestick Basics and to Place Your First Real Trade in Minutes

Gain more confidence, learn to confidently place your first real trades, and make smarter trading decisions with this simple-to-follow training

The Quick Start Program includes 2 video components

Component 1Candlecharts Quick Start:  Learn candles from the basic level  (1 hour, 16 minute video)

Component 2Placing Your First Real Trade:  Learn how to confidently place your first real trade (1 hour, 8 minute video)

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Introducing The Quick Start Program

If you are new to candlesticks, never made a real trade before… or you want to make sure you are using candles correctly… then The Quick Start Program is for you.

This is a low cost, super-quick way for you to learn candlestick basics. The Quick Start is designed for:

  • Traders who are new to the illuminating insights of candlesticks
  • Brand new traders or those thinking of starting to trade
  • Those who want to ensure they have the correct candlestick knowledge… (especially if they learned candlesticks from other sources)
  • When you complete this training and move up to other higher level Candlecharts courses, you will receive full credit for your investment in this program towards your next step!. It’s like getting this training free!

Overcome Trading Fear and Uncertainty

If you’re like most traders and investors, you have probably felt like this before. You enter a trade… it goes against you… and you wish you could do something to lift that chart back into profitable territory.

Let us show you how candles can help you quickly see what might be happening before other traders are aware of it… and how it can protect you from painful losses.

Topics Covered In This Candlestick Quick Start Video:

  • Anatomy of the Candlestick Line

    The simple way candlesticks are created

  • Why Candlesticks Work So Effectively

    Traders and investors around the world are profiting from these simple yet powerful tools

  • Get 7 Nison Power Concepts

    See how easy it can be to accelerate your trading success when you follow these concepts that have been working for centuries

  • See The Psychology Of The Market

    Candlesticks show you more than traditional bar charts, which gives you a huge advantage by seeing what will happen before other traders

  • Using Candle Shadows Correctly

    Knowing this one small thing can alert you to important trading moments, or warn you to stay away

  • Importance of Short-Term Trends

    Often, the most telling situations are happening right under your nose – and short-term trends are a great way to identify what’s happening

  • My Secret Hammer Strategy

    This one candlestick pattern can help you get in on reversals before other traders even know what’s happening

  • Using The Single & Double Candlestick Signal

    You’ll understand the right and wrong ways to use these multi-purpose candlestick signals

  • Candles In Context

    It’s important to know what a candle pattern means in context of what’s happening around it – I’ll show you how to do it properly to avoid making harmful mistakes

  • How NOT To Use Candlesticks

    Many traders miss golden opportunities by not using candlesticks correctly, so let me show you some of the common mis-uses of candles

  • Gauge Market Momentum

    Get the best candle patterns to see if a trend will continue, or if it’s near a reversal

  • The Multiplier Effect

    It’s easy to improve your probability of success when you combine candlesticks and other indicators correctly

Candlesticks Work In All Markets

You can use candlesticks with Stocks… Forex… Options…Crypto's... ETFs… Futures… Bonds… and anything else.

And you can use them in any time frame you like to trade, from weekly charts… to daily charts… and any intraday chart down to 1-minute!

This Quick Start Program Is Designed For...

  • Those brand-new to candlesticks, who want to make sure you learn them correctly from the start
  • Traders who have learned about candlesticks, but want to ensure that you are using them properly
  • People who want to place their first real trade with confidence!
  • Those who want to get on new trends before their competition
  • Any investor or trader who wants to increase your confidence in their decisions to improve their success rate
Monique Marshall Monique Marshall

Without the training, I probably would have missed the candle signals and not taken my profits. I look forward to making many more successful trades in the future.

Arnold Prince Arnold Prince

Steve stands above the rest, without a question.

Jerome O'Connor Jerome O'Connor

I know what to look for now better. I think it will improve my trading ten-fold.

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  • Bonus 2: Chart Challenges
  • Bonus 3: 100% Credit
  • Bonus 4: Wow Worksheet
  • Just $49 (regularly $199)

Plus, Get These Free Bonuses When You Register Now...

  • Chart Challenges

    One of the best ways to reinforce your candlestick learning is to test your knowledge in real-world trading situations. That’s why we give you our proven Chart Challenges to ensure you are learning these valuable skills and strategies. ($79 value)

  • Printable Charts & Slides

    As you watch the Candlestick Quick Start training video, it’s nice to have a set of all the printed charts Steve uses during the Training Program. That’s why we’re also including a complete set of the printed handouts that attendees at the live seminar received. You’ll be able to take notes on the charts as you watch the DVDs and learn the new strategies and principles Steve shares with you. ($59 value)

  • 100% Credit

    When you complete this training and move up to other higher level Candlecharts courses, you will receive full credit for your investment in this program towards your next step!. It’s like getting this training free!

  • Wow Worksheet

    To help you get the most from this training, we’ve created this handy “Wow!” worksheet for you to record the concepts and ideas that strike you as vital to your candlestick education. Simply watch the training video and then write down the specific concepts you want to either review later or implement immediately into your trading routine! ($49 value)

Hi, I'm Steve Nison...

I'm Founder and CEO of Candlecharts.com, and was the very first to reveal candlesticks to the Western world. Now I’m known worldwide as the father of Japanese candlestick charts.

We want to show you how candlesticks can help improve your trading and investing results immediately.

Even if you’re not sure what candlestick charts are, chances are you’ve probably seen them before, because they’re everywhere these days. On virtually every financial website, and as an integral part of every charting software and trading and investing platform out there.

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