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The Candlestick Course is a hands-on course book that will help you master Steve Nison’s landmark techniques. Each chapter gives you specific learning objectives, key terms, clear instruction, and real-world applications of the concepts. Plus, each chapter ends with a review quiz, allowing you to perfect your charting abilities before moving on to the next phase.

The Candlestick Course is for everyone. Novices will appreciate that it starts with the basics. Experienced traders will find that each chapter’s lessons will help test, sharpen and refine skills as they navigate today’s volatile markets.

The Candlestick Course is a terrific companion to Nison’s other educational books and video workshops. Yet it also stands alone as a wonderful introduction to the power of candle charting.

The Candlestick Course Book by Steve Nison

Here’s what this breakthrough course book contains:

  • Twelve valuable lessons to learn (and re-learn) how to use candlestick charts in your own trading
  • A special section detailing 20 of Steve Nison’s most important trading guidelines
  • Key Points and Side Lights show critical trading tips
  • Powerfully effective methods that work in today’s unpredictable short-term markets
  • Visual candlestick “glossary” identifies and explains at-a-glance important patterns.
  • The progressive charting chapter is a case-study section that lets you track and analyze a market — section by section — over successive days and weeks, just as you would in the real world

The Candlestick Course can be used as a valuable reference source,
and quick refresher course, time and again.

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