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One of the common issues that we observe for many traders is that they feel isolated in their pursuit of their personal trading goals.  Often, we receive feedback from individual traders that they are so focused on their current positions, that they don’t feel connected to other potential positions or other traders.  Another often perceived […]

Many are not aware of it, but my background is on the future side. In the mid 1970s, I worked for a commodity consulting firm, which advised clients on when to hedge their commodities.  So, for example, we had Arrow Shirts as a client, and we would tell them when to hedge cotton. What was […]

Have you ever felt like you wanted to be a successful trader and/or investor…but you just had some obstacles in your way of truly achieving that goal?  Do you want to add to your account size, but just don’t know when to enter a trade, and probably even more important, know when to get out […]