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In this episode of Highlights, I’ll show you one of my favorite candle signals: the Window. You will learn the differences between large and small windows, and how to quickly find large and small windows in any market. To learn more about adding the Nison Candle Scanner software to your trading, join us on Thursday, […]

And while many traders have already discovered that Japanese candlesticks allow them to see chart data more comprehensively at just a glance, the downside remains that there are sometimes too many choices to consider trading. If you trade stocks, it can be a nightmare to narrow down which stocks to look at, and then to […]

Candlestick pattern recognition software is an invaluable tool to take advantage of if you are new to the stock market and/or to candlesticks.  This technology has grown incredibly popular in the months and years since it became available to every-day at-home traders.   Candlestick pattern recognition software is that which scours the market at any […]

Using Candlestick Analysis Software to your advantage! We often hear questions or comments about using software to reduce time in order to identify trading opportunities.  There are some misconceptions of what these types of software can do for the trader who wants to trade more effectively.  Nison Candle Scanner is THE candlestick analysis software to utilize […]

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