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Enjoy this blog from Steve Nison of Candlecharts.com, the first to reveal Japanese Candlesticks to Western traders and investors.

You will discover how to use Japanese candlestick charts no matter what you trade: stocks, options, Forex, and more. These strategies also work in any time frame, including day trading, daily, weekly, swing trading, long-term investing, and more.

Watch as Steve Nison diagnoses actual trades from his students during this informative training session recorded live on 11-245-2015 And watch your email tomorrow for valuable Black Friday sales offers on Candlecharts.com training and software!

What’s going with the markets? Is the market due for a large correction? Watch this short video update I recorded for you to see what I see happening right now. You’ll understand what to expect and watch for in the coming days and weeks.

With yesterday’s Fed announcement on interest rates, let’s see how that is affecting the 10-year T-note Index. Watch the short video now for details!

Here’s another free training resource for you from Candlecharts.com. Watch this video and ask yourself these questions: Can you identify this candle signal? What would you do in this situation? Be sure to consider the candles in context — is there anything else to take into consideration? Would you buy, or sell? or…?

In this episode of Highlights, I’ll show you one of my favorite candle signals: the Window. You will learn the differences between large and small windows, and how to quickly find large and small windows in any market. To learn more about adding the Nison Candle Scanner software to your trading, join us on Thursday, […]

With yesterday’s big market drop, it’s a good time to see what this means in the near future. I waited until today’s close to see if the pattern was confirmed. It did. In a nutshell, I think it’s time to take a more cautious approach — especially for longer term investors. Watch this short 6-minute video […]

What do you do when there’s a battle between support and resistance? In this episode of my Highlights video newsletter, I’ll show you how to read it and make an intelligent trade. You’ll get vital tips on when and how to pull the trigger. Enjoy!

One of Steve Nison’s trading principles is that candlesticks do NOT give price targets. So how do you find price targets for your trades? Steve shows you how in this brief video. For your free access to the Candlecharts Academy, go here now.

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