Traders Love Steve Nison’s Training

From novice investors to seasoned traders, candlestick charting training from Steve Nison is for anyone who wants to enhance their trading success. These proven strategies are helping real people boost their confidence every day…

With Steve's training, I have avoided…losses by not taking trades I would have placed in the past. I also caught early moves shorting several of the commodity markets after parabolic rises.
Mario T.
I wish I had had your information a month or so earlier. Spotting those turning points earlier could have saved me…in lost profits. That could have bought me a fairly nice car.
Bob D.
Stock & futures trader
I recently completed your video workshop and I wish I was introduced to this method a year ago. It would have saved me big bucks.
James K.
The knowledge gained from attending it gave me the confidence needed to continue investing after having had two very tough previous years. I have not had a loosing year since attending your course & my investment account has doubled in value.
Barton M.
This is the piece of the puzzle I have been looking for.
Gary B.
Before Steve...I was always on the wrong side of the trade... I now successfully call reversals…which has built self confidence, and allows me to enter trades sooner and increase trade pips.
John F.

I don't know how I've been able to trade successfully without it. Also, combining candles with his all time favorite Western indicator is a lethal combination! Thanks Steve.
Chad O.
I loved the strict criteria given for certain candles. This has helped me to more clearly define my "A" trades. No other educator teaches like Steve does.
Venkat D.
If you thought you know all about candles, this seminar will take you to a much greater understanding of how to use them, when to use them and when not to use them.
James C.
I watched your videos and I can’t believe anybody would want to trade without them. Made my money back 7 fold already and I’m still watching them.
Mike W.
Although I thought I knew more than the average person after reading your books, your training seminars blew me away. In a word, they were AWESOME. They are, without a doubt, the most valuable tools I have used in my trading. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Tim S.
Without a doubt the benefit of Steve's video course and the books is the growth in confidence in entering and exiting the market.
Marek J.

I had no idea why I was losing money since I thought I understood the market. Now I understand why there were some trades I should not have gone into and did. Anyone of the trades I have lost one more than tripled paid for this seminar.
John A.
I recommend this to anyone who is interested in securing their own financial future. I lost more in one trade (several times) then the seminar cost.
Bill H.
… his method is SIMPLE too, not cluttered with a lot of indicators to confuse a beginner like me. It's the BEST THING I'VE EVER PURCHASED FOR MY CURRENCY TRADING, PERIOD.
Judy T.
Using Steve's candle patterns I have increase my portfolio… …now I trade with confidence. This is the best investment I have made in my entire life. A million thanks.
Kevin P.
I have been learning on my own for about 1.5 years now and after going through the training, I am profitable for the first time in my trading career.
Bob B.
On the Monday after the seminar bought 2 at the money puts on ABX… I also used the measuring technique to establish a target for the trade. 2 days later the stock hit the target. I will never forget what her broker said: “How did you know ABX was going down and how did you know what price it would hit?
Mike K.