Steve recommends The Beacon Learning Group for one to one coaching.

Take your trading to the next level.

Beginner: You are a new trader with limited knowledge and time. You would like to learn the basics and gradually work your way into the trading business while still earning a decent return on your capital.

Intermediate: You are an active trader and you find yourself missing the large moves in the market and would like to be able to catch them without drawing your attention away from your other trading activities.

Advanced: You’re looking for better than average returns without having to sit in front of your computer all day and monitor the market.

Beacon Learning Group will identify what level your knowledge is at and move you forward from there because the entire process is customized to you as a student.


Trading Simplified.

Award Winning Platform
+ Low Commission Brokerage

NinjaTrader can easily enhance your ability to effectively trade the markets. we recommend NinjaTrader trading platform for your trading needs. NinjaTrader is a leading developer of high-performance trading software for the active trader.

The Nison Candle Scanner™ indicator works on the FREE NinjaTrader platform.

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Scan, Chart & Trade

With eSignal’s all-in-one platform

  • Find the best trades with the FREE Market Screener Plus+
  • Ground breaking Options Analytix with free mentoring classes
  • StockTwits social media and TFNN streaming news Apps
  • Choose from +50 brokers to execute trades

The Nison Candle Highlighter™ indicator works on the eSignal platform.

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For Stock Traders – Intraday and Swing Trading – No Nison products needed as a requirement.

Stock Trading Success 12-DVD System + 2 Bonus DVDs featuring Steve Nison and day trading expert Ken Calhoun.

If you’re an active stock trader who’s ever wanted to see the “inner workings” of how to trade live market charts in realtime — then this will be one of the most exciting (and potentially profitable!) messages you’ll read all year…

Get to “watch the action” happen in front of your very eyes, as you rapidly learn how to trade realtime chart patterns more successfully, during two complete full-day trading market sessions, all carefully captured in crystal-clear video.

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OptionApps from Don Fishback

OptionApps follows an easy, 3-step process for:

  • Identifying stocks with proven opportunity
  • Finding the right options strategy
  • Analyzing the best options trade idea

This disciplined approach is the exact method the world’s best traders have used to put the ODDS in their favor every time they trade. Now OptionApps makes it easy for anyone.

Simply follow OptionApps’ natural, progression-based technique, and you can’t help but make trading more rewarding and effortless.

Whether you’re a professional trader or an individual at home, OptionApps is driven… driven to help you produce bigger winners, faster and easier than ever before.

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